pondelok 17. júna 2013

NOM016_Garasu / Noční provoz SPLIT

cd version up, tape version down...for more details of the 7 unique tapes visit the gallery

This release is dedicated to the industrial poetery. Garasu from Ostrava on one side, Nocni provoz from Brno on the another. Darkambient shaped noise fields + beautifull texts ..yes, it may sound unbelivable, but this is a first release, where the texts in the booklet are very meaningfull..

the album is avilable as..

.free download @ HLUKOVA SEKCE

.cd version_printed cd + paper cover with lyrics_ltd. 33 pcs. -----> SOLD OUT

.tape version_7 pcs. ultra limit_ handmaded hard covers with unique collages maded from original illustrations from the old books + lyrics + hand brushed and painted unique cassettes. Details of each one can be seen here ------> 5eur SOLD OUT