HLUKOVA SEKCE_czech & slovakian noise projects
Hradby Samoty_our favourite summer non-profit festival ever
Kraa_website about slovakian noise & experimental scene
FUGA - place for missing cullture - club - bratislava
Punkgen_punks not dead!
HisVoice _ musick information center
Noise Fest _ czech noise festival in brno
Punctum - place/label - prague
Aardvark _ space
MarastMusic _ culture extravaganza
Echoes _ of minority sound
club I debil _ dresden industrial underground collective
Kyberia_the sect!!
DEATH FIST ZINE_extraterestrial hyperspeed grind/crust/hc/noise e.zine 
PUTRID EMENTAL CHEESE_printed grind/crust/noise zine
Anal crust rip-tape_extremely nice blog about riped old tape rarities
Heaten Harvest _ periodical
SanctuaryCZ _ gothic scene
A2 _ anarchy
FullMoon_music server/print magazine
AVA kolektiv _ cellective of producers, promoters and sound hunters _czechia
darknation _ poland industrial/noise/ambient/goth webzine
Aliens _ slovak idm/ebm/ambient/industial webzine
Nová Alternativa _ czech club festival
ZNFI_Zasavje Noise Festival International in Slovenia
dp-motiv _ hungarian dark ambient/ neofolk/ industrial webzine
raw zine _ webzine/label/distro/xerox _ czechia
wakushoppu _ non-comercial platform for improvised music&art
AlterNation _ polish dark culture webzine
B-Rush_underground music and art from all around the world
IndustrialArt _ Wroclaw industrial Festival

Už bolo dosť! Productions_noise/experimental/metal/crust_slovakia
CS Industrial 1982 - 2010_reeditions of archaic industrial releases_czechia
Urbsounds_experimental/noise/techno collective
KLaNGundKRaCH - noise/experimental/industrial label _czechia
PravěkNoiseSection - open-minded group of independent artists_czechia
Devoted Art Propaganda - kurwa black metal/experimental_poland
Tesco Organisation _ industrial/ power electronics/ dark ambient_germany
TeRRoR - noise/industrial/power electronics label/space_lithuania
Signals From Arkaim - experimental/noise/industrial/ambient net-label_czechia
BASTL instruments - sect! - instruments/workshops/place_czechia
Rauha Turva_noise/d-beat/hc/crust_czechia
Unrest productions _ power electronics/ noise/ industrial _ uk
Epidemie records _ czech experimental music label
LOM_experimental/field recordings/noise label + instruments _slovakia
NAAB _ noise assault agency budweiss_ czechia
Analog Freaks_sludge/funeral/doom/hc_slovakia
PravekNoiseSection _ noise label _ czechia
Glass Anvil_noise/dark ambient/experimental_czechia
Obsedante! Records_noise/experimental_czechia
Old Europa Cafe _ industrial/dark ambient/ noise/ martial _ italy
Dog Lovers Records - hardcore/punk/noise/experimental_czechia
Cryo Chamber - dark ambient cult label
Evocative Objects - psychedelic experimental electronics_slovakia
Freak Animal - power electronics/hnw/noise/extreme_finland
Malignant records - dark ambient/ industrial/noise/ experimental _ USA
Audiotrauma - industrial/ rhytmic noise/ idm/ ambient - france
Crater Records_noise/experimental/dark ambient_canada
Instruments of Discipline _ experimental/ techno/ noise _germany
Klanggalerie - experimental/ ambient/ industrial/ psychedelic _ austria
Cyclic Law - dark ambietn/industrial _Canada
RRRecords _ legendary noise label _ usa
No Brain Productions_harsh noise_chille
Northern Heritage _ nice webstore - nice music _ finland
Loki Foundation _ dark ambient/industrial_ germany
Zvukovina_noise/experimental/dark ambient_bosnia
Beast of Prey - industrial/ambient/martial - polska
Ant-Zen _ experimental electronics music - france
Le Cose Bianche - only noise. no induction - italy
Coffee Nerds For Liberation _ diy punk conspiracy
Underground Pollution_noise/not music_france
Zoharum _ ambient/ experimental/ industrial _ polska
Autistic Campaign_noise/experimental_france
Placenta Recordings_noise/harsh/wall_usa
Toxic Industries_harsh/wall/experimental noise_italy
Smell the Stench_noise/dark ambient/drone/experimental/metal_australia/usa
TRASHFUCK Records_noise/harsh/metal_usa
Hospital productions _ noise/power electronics/ extrem electronics _usa
Treetrunk records netlabel_experimental/ambient/drone/field recordings_uk underground label for eerie and arcane arts_black/death/ambient_mc,LP,cd_sk
Arachnophobia - black metal/experimental_PL
MorHo! - tape black metal label from slovakia
Nihil Centrum - wood-cottage, "recording studio", place for destroy ego from central slovakia
Archipelag Vinyl_cutting small series of vinyl records-Lathé cut