pondelok 12. septembra 2022

NOM043_PurEnergY - Ambient Tormentor (2007)

industrial / noise 

Today it does not riff, the pistons of the machines are spinning .... 

PurEnergY is a solo project of a member of Trnava's artistic association First Artwork of the Nuclear Era. During his trips to the surroundings of the V1 nuclear power plant and at the noise of the train sets, the Ambient Tormentor, a third-hour experimental work, was originally released on Freshterror label in 2007 as a CD-r split with ReaktoplasmAR under the name Ambient Tormentor / Technical Glass. A recent review of Mortemzine's zine describes PurEnergY - Ambient Tormentor as a creation that demonstrates a powerfully oldschool mix of striking rhythms, samples, occasional raw passages and a good dose of noise. Throbbing Gristle can be heard while listening to Einsturzende Neubauten. Although pieces are put together on a computer, it is a successful return to the roots of old industrial The presented songs do not try to be too accessible and the first piece of “The Eerie” can startle the unprepared listener with its unpredictable noisy arrival. The highlight of the work is the disturbing, loud and dehumanized trilogy of the “Pre-Industrial Society”, “Industrial Society” and “Post-Industrial Society”. In 2022, the mini album was released for the first time in a 25-piece lathe-cut vinyl version.

Artwork by True Toluen ~ Nenad Branković
Risoprint by RisoBrat 

released in cooperation with CS-Industrial 1982-2010

To get your piece please use BC or email → skyburial.label@gmail.com

ltd 25 pcs - black single side lathe-cut vinyl → 22-30 €ur0-

piatok 6. augusta 2021

NOM042_METROM - No Return


dark ambient / orchestral / martial industrial 

Metrom is a cult dark ambient/martial industrial project from Bratislava, Slovakia, founded by Nenad Branković and Michal Tornyai.
After 13 long years of waiting, Metrom finally releases their long-expected follow up to their debut album. ‘No Return’ is a tour-de-force of what Metrom has been known for: heavy orchestral hymns, dark ambient and drone. Classical orchestration meets improvisation, melody meets noise. 
The album is composed of 4 songs recorded in 2008 - 2009, that haven’t aged a day and are exciting as back in the days.

To get your piece please use BC or email → skyburial.label@gmail.com

ltd 33 pcs - black lathe cut vinyl → 20 €ur0-

streda 5. augusta 2020

pondelok 20. apríla 2020


Hi there. After more than 9 years of Nomad Sky Diaries label and 70+ released albums, we have decided for digital version as well. Slowly uploading albums to Bandcamp - so far something over 40 of them. Right now almost everything for "Name Your Price". Feel free to listen and download albums which were sold out long ago. 
Dark ambient, industrial, black metal, power electronics, noise, etc can be found there... get inspired and enjoy.

We offer almost everything for free, but we ask that if you enjoy it, please consider donating by purchasing.

streda 8. apríla 2020


(post) - black metal

Scabby black metal with a glass eye and wooden legs, forsaken by both - forests and cities. Banished to live in a hut near the border of nothingness,
where just mice listen to his songs of crooked wisdom and only a pair of flies appreciate his poems about the burden of freedom. 
Postnihilera comes out as black 12 vinyl accompanied by Svjatogor´s magnificient design. You can get it via Nomad Sky Diaries. 

You can get a refreshing smell of this mental sewer here
ltd 250x black 12“ vinyl (+digital download) 
16€ - 


utorok 1. októbra 2019


TIGRIS ARGENTUM (sk) - Sol Nigra
diy / acoustic / industrial / noise

Tigris Argentum is the acoustic, diy, industrial project, founded at the end of the summer of 2017, for a research of metal as a medium for a physical transmission of a soundwave. It connects phycisc and mathematics with a thousands years old, modyfied gong playing techniques.. turning into obsesion with a sound, you can hear, feel and expwrience in a natural form, as when you are listening to the sound of the brook. There are no musical scales in the real world. There's only a big ensamble of the things aroud us, a perfect system.. nonlinear chaos. Our thougts defeat us from perceiving the essence.

Tigris Argentum is the huge explosion of supernova in the nonextential timeless space, like when the leave falls from the tree. There wasn't never any comcept and there won't be any in the future. Similicity. Inversive sun is making the forms shining. Metal is the beautiful matgerial. It leads the sound in the wonderfull complexicity like no other..

Tigris Argentum is a two headed dragon. Figur von Molitan goes in the playing techniqus, Skinny Boyfriend is in the fabrication of things. We are the archers.

On the Sol Nigra album you can find our ambient tracks for a two big metal plates.

Tigris Argentum is a 900piesek side project.
900piesek is the industrial / psychedelic / noise project in love with searching the linear chaos structures.
Allways opposing itself, earsing the truth, bleeding annihilated. 900piesek is actually a part of bands Matra, ...lesom and czech based group of similar freaks HLUKOVÁ SEKCE.
Active since 2007.

Beautiful handmade paiting from Sona akka Skinny Boyfriend
ltd 13x tape

utorok 12. februára 2019


czech & slovak noise compilation

V/A - HLUKOVÁ SEKCE is a compilation of Czech and Slovak noise, industrial and experimental projects follow-up the compilations from 2009 to 2012. There are 8 Slovak and 6 Czech artists, most of them involved in the platform HLUKOVA SEKCE (NOISE SECTION)
Each project is represented by one song and one page in the booklet.
Czech artist Martin Karvay aka Karel Braun stands for these beautiful graphics/drawings.

performing artist -- >

sound mastered - Tobiaš Potočný aka rbnx
graphics/drawings - Martin Karvay aka Karel Braun
digital free download - Signals From Arkaim

ltd 24pcs - tape with a booklet