pondelok 12. septembra 2022

NOM043_PurEnergY - Ambient Tormentor (2007)

industrial / noise 

Today it does not riff, the pistons of the machines are spinning .... 

PurEnergY is a solo project of a member of Trnava's artistic association First Artwork of the Nuclear Era. During his trips to the surroundings of the V1 nuclear power plant and at the noise of the train sets, the Ambient Tormentor, a third-hour experimental work, was originally released on Freshterror label in 2007 as a CD-r split with ReaktoplasmAR under the name Ambient Tormentor / Technical Glass. A recent review of Mortemzine's zine describes PurEnergY - Ambient Tormentor as a creation that demonstrates a powerfully oldschool mix of striking rhythms, samples, occasional raw passages and a good dose of noise. Throbbing Gristle can be heard while listening to Einsturzende Neubauten. Although pieces are put together on a computer, it is a successful return to the roots of old industrial The presented songs do not try to be too accessible and the first piece of “The Eerie” can startle the unprepared listener with its unpredictable noisy arrival. The highlight of the work is the disturbing, loud and dehumanized trilogy of the “Pre-Industrial Society”, “Industrial Society” and “Post-Industrial Society”. In 2022, the mini album was released for the first time in a 25-piece lathe-cut vinyl version.

Artwork by True Toluen ~ Nenad Branković
Risoprint by RisoBrat 

released in cooperation with CS-Industrial 1982-2010

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