utorok 1. októbra 2019


TIGRIS ARGENTUM (sk) - Sol Nigra
diy / acoustic / industrial / noise

Tigris Argentum is the acoustic, diy, industrial project, founded at the end of the summer of 2017, for a research of metal as a medium for a physical transmission of a soundwave. It connects phycisc and mathematics with a thousands years old, modyfied gong playing techniques.. turning into obsesion with a sound, you can hear, feel and expwrience in a natural form, as when you are listening to the sound of the brook. There are no musical scales in the real world. There's only a big ensamble of the things aroud us, a perfect system.. nonlinear chaos. Our thougts defeat us from perceiving the essence.

Tigris Argentum is the huge explosion of supernova in the nonextential timeless space, like when the leave falls from the tree. There wasn't never any comcept and there won't be any in the future. Similicity. Inversive sun is making the forms shining. Metal is the beautiful matgerial. It leads the sound in the wonderfull complexicity like no other..

Tigris Argentum is a two headed dragon. Figur von Molitan goes in the playing techniqus, Skinny Boyfriend is in the fabrication of things. We are the archers.

On the Sol Nigra album you can find our ambient tracks for a two big metal plates.

Tigris Argentum is a 900piesek side project.
900piesek is the industrial / psychedelic / noise project in love with searching the linear chaos structures.
Allways opposing itself, earsing the truth, bleeding annihilated. 900piesek is actually a part of bands Matra, ...lesom and czech based group of similar freaks HLUKOVÁ SEKCE.
Active since 2007.

Beautiful handmade paiting from Sona akka Skinny Boyfriend
ltd 13x tape