pondelok 15. apríla 2013

NOM015_Defektro / Sklo SPLIT

A split of Japaneese and Czech noise legends with the common element in enthusiasm of developing and selfmaking of musical instruments. Despite the fact, that Defektro and Sklo are from a totally different areas and there's really big distance between them, we can talk about a very homogenic split and you'll shurelly find yourself not once to not catch, when one band ends and the other one starts. This record is not about a loud harsh madness, but THIS RECORD goes deeply under your skin. Beautifull, sometimes minimallistic, but quite sound precious one, for your sonic adventures & discoveries. Graphics by Jiri Volejnik. limited edition of 33 pcs. on the special black bottom side CDs in the handmaded double digipacks ---> 5EUR .last pieces avilable!!