nedeľa 6. augusta 2017

NOM033_G#Drén - Nože v uchu

 G#Drén (sk) - Nože v uchu 
[ LIVE ]

Your body is in a state of complete paralysis.
You’re struggling to cope with the fact that even though you’re awake, you can’t even move a toe.
A brief panic attack follows. You feel something gripping at your hair, dragging it towards the wall.
You’re sitting in the passenger seat. A massive car, storming through a deserted field.
It’s the afternoon, the rain has stopped and you can hear their screams quite clearly now. A flock of black mechanical ravens crashes through the windshield.
Then the picture freezes. You can feel their diamond eyes staring at you, breaking their way into your head through a small opening in your forehead. Your eyes burn like cold winter sun.
The flame keeps burning even though it died out ages ago, back when time didn’t play a role.
Thousands of knives have pierced through the ear drums. A monotonous, never-ending white noise...and darkness.
Your body was torn to shreds by an earth gas explosion in your apartment building. Helicopters are roaming the skies above town...

G#Drén is a collaboration of one-member projects G# and DRÉN.
Together, they are creating a rich sound spectrum ranging from dark ambient to something resembling an ear-splitting, weeping vagon of metal waste, pushed by a heavy-duty steam locomotive.
The live recording contains full footage of all three appearances of G#Drén in Prague, Brno and Bratislava.
design by - smrt13 & Kragrowargkomn
Mastering by Rusty Wizzard Records
For free listening, click at the bandcamp

50x CD
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