piatok 8. mája 2015

NOM027_MY LIVE EVIL III. - Hergott Is Dead

MY LIVE EVIL III. - Hergott Is Dead
noise jazz/free jazz/evil senzi senzus jazz

What is your conception of an ultimate evil?? Already on the first look it's very sophisticated. It has a style and an abylity to burn the ordynary shape of the reality ..it has a charm and insidiounsness, it's funny.. and all of this with tottality of  obviousity and the high elegance. It's enticing you and you are having a great time. You are feeling honored by it's company, but you are just a tool. And yes, this is how the new album of My Live Evil's like. Endless layers of the saxophones, you can count by thousands, popular songs, sometimes disco, sometimes brass band.. ultimate transcendention of the definition of jazz, noise, experiment, death, avantguard, evil, or goodness.. and on the very top is him: the undead and sensational Dusan H.  
13 beautiful transparent vinyls with handmaded colages and graphics and poster and sticker from the multitalented Erik makes with this album something you just must have (!!!)  ..because in the other case it will have someone different:)))

ltd 13pcs  7"vinyl