pondelok 1. decembra 2014

NOM025_Mhnunrrn/Arytnelanuko SPLIT

   noise black / harsh noise

  Mr. Jaroslav Diviš is such a productive person so the projects Holomraz or Fonnia, or such a characteristic graphical works are definitelly not the end of his activities. Before some time he was contacting us, that he has a plenty of strange material - black noise under the name MHNURRN , some harsh as ARYTNELANUKO and if we are curious for it. We were, and this is the result!! Small 15 pieces serie of tapes with unholy noise in the black somking with absolutely fucked vocal. Something for a long winter evenings with a nice graphics from the maestro. 84 mihutes of pure joy and pleasure!!

   ltd 15pcs - cass
   SOLD OUT!!!