pondelok 7. apríla 2014


 The boxset is a collection of rare splits of the finest Slovakian and Czech black metal projects, which was in their times just given to the poeple on few concerts, or traded selfreleased in a very small series. If you recognize that Fonnia and Holomraz are a two projects of one person - Klat Ba, we can say, this release contains a common splits of each interrested project ..each with each. On the small, bonus DVD you can find a video used on the first of the serie of gigs Dvadlo Duchov as the only way of live performance of Holomraz. This boxset is dedicated to everyone, who don't get to those special records in their time..
 KORIUM - www.korium.webs.com 
SEMAI - www.bandzone.cz/semai 
HOLOMRAZ - www.holomraz.wz.cz 
FONNIA - www.holomraz.wz.cz/fonnia
 the release is limited to 33 pcs. of exclusive packages.
We used a special high quality printed CDs, black coloured from the playable side.
 1. KORIUM /SEMAI split 2012 
2. SEMAI /FONNIA split 2009 
3. HOLOMRAZ /KORIUM split 2006 
Bonus DVD: 4. HOLOMRAZ video 2007
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