nedeľa 24. novembra 2013

NOM020_GRIND vs. NOISE 8split

8 bands, 2 sides and almost 1 hour of bestial masacrism!! This masterpiece was caompiled by Sica Muffa from Sposa Alto Mare - the grind side and Extreme Martin from Takashi Ohkawa for a noisers. Grind.crust.lo-fi.noise core.harsh noise!!

TAKASHI OHKAWA - harsh/noise solo project Holland/Poland
SERANDO CODOS - Spanish answer for Anal cunt
BESTIAL VOMIT - Bestial alko noise core from Roma
VULGAR DISEASE - Brutal harsh/noise core from Mexico
JEFFREY DAHMER - Indonesian grindcrust
SPOSA IN ALTO MARE - grind punk dadaism Italy
OLOCAUSTO - Grindcore noise from south italy
AFONIA from Russia. filth grind/powerviolence

cover arts by Jan Maly --------> disorder art

the release is limited to 67 pieces hand painted tapes in a paper boxes. You can have one from 3 types of graphics of inner info.card and one of 2 types of included poster. ----> 5eur