štvrtok 11. augusta 2016


900piesek (sk) - The Sword And The Chalice
dark ambient - noise / industrial / field recordings

Drink the holy wathers from the Grail of the damned!! Come to the world mute and naked. Cut your throat by the sword and leave your flesh to the ravens. Snakes from the underworld are dancing in the moon light.

"This album is mostly about the drones, it's a bit dark, but still not so much as it can be:)) I was using synthesizers, field recordings, small bells and other objects, one very nice classical recording and my goal was to made it in 'minimum/maximum' way.. it's bit a strange to write about my own things, but I was trying to made something 'not for a first listen' and I was hiding a lots of stuff there. In the first and the last track you can hear a guys from the local scene..the last one is "bonus" because it's based on the sounds from a jam session recording."-- Matus 2016

ltd 13x mc

This album is a corelease of Nomad Sky Diaries label with a Treetrunk Records netlabel, so you can get your FREE DOWNLOAD HERE